Chat revolution is around the corner: ChatBot Conference UA 2017 in Kyiv


On March 29, 2017, for the first time ever, Ukraine will host the international conference dedicated to chatbots – ChatBot Conference UA. The business event will be held in Kyiv, bringing together leading Ukrainian and foreign experts of the industry.

Business revolution: chatbots to replace apps

Soon chatbots will become a regular channel for interaction between companies and clients. Besides, it is 2017, when many Ukrainian users will face automatic agents for the first time and will be able to get prompt answers to almost any question.

Commercial functionality of modern bots is as follows: goods and services payment, customer consultation, events coverage, ordering food, taxi, tickets, online shopping, simultaneous translation and much more.

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Key speakers at the ChatBot Conference UA

  • Sergei Poplavskiy, top technical specialist at “Microsoft Ukraine”, The expert has created several applications for Windows Phone, Windows and Azure. He has many years of experience in programming on .Net platform, and often conducts technical trainings for developers. Topic of his report: “Conversation As a Platform: review of cloud services, patterns and business scenarios of bot development”.
  • Alexandr Demidov, head of leasing solutions department at “1С-Bitrix”, expert in the field of architecture and administration of high load systems and cloud services. Topic of the report: “Will you become unemployed because of bots?”
  • Alexandr Krakovetskiy, СЕО at DevRain Solutions, СТО at DonorUA, Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (Windows Development Platform), PhD. in Computer Science, Open Data and Smart City expert. Topic of his report: “Creation of bot experts for medical and legal sectors using Microsoft Bot Framework, Azure Cognitive Services and NER systems”.
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Key topics of the first international ChatBot Conference UA

Since chatbot is the main developing trend of e-commerce in 2017, the business event ChatBot Conference UA will cover all aspects of its creation and monetization:

– efficient services for the development, hosting, promotion and analytics of chatbots;

– application of machine learning for smart bots creation;

– the use of Deep Learning tools for the development of quality dialogue systems;

– how to make money out of chatbots;

– ways of chatbots application in business;

– emotional interaction with chatbots;

– replacement of human consultants by bots;

– and a host of other things!

Experts say that in the coming years chatbots will develop actively and many new players will appear in the business. However, only several key leaders will survive.

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In order to join their ranks, visit ChatBot Conference UA 2017 on March 29, 2017.

Register on the official website.