INFI – the next generation of Wi-Fi with new features


New software products are developing at a rapid pace and their number in this world is growing. Every day there is a new idea, a topic, a technology that quickly takes its place and usually in the economy too. The virtual world is consuming more and more of our personal time every day. People are getting immersed in the world of the latest technologies, the Internet and social networks, looking for the opportunity of contact and communication in order to find work, friends, and partners in social and personal life.

In the present moment, Mr. Gerhard Frieze, the founder of the INFI project, tells how to get productive and valuable communication using the new abilities of the online network, in the confined space, and he tells about the new USP program exclusively for Fashion of Diplomacy.

Mr. Gerhard, what did your idea of creating a USP software start with?

– Today, I will present to Ukraine a new project that I brought from Germany. This project makes it possible to organize communication at any level and in any country. My European colleagues call my project the next generation of Wi-Fi with new features. USP specialists work on our project, through USP you can establish contact with any person by installing an application on your phone. It’s like a social network, but in the form of a certain time when you are in a certain city. For example, if you come to some international conference and want to get acquainted with a certain person, in order to negotiate, you go to the application, find that person there, see what his name is, what company he represents and his position… In such a way you facilitate communication and further negotiations. I can assure you that this program makes communicating with strangers easier and more creative.

What was the impetus to develop such a project?

– My goal has always been to do something that brings some value to the user of this program at the highest level. I observe how people more and more immerse in the Internet space and live in a virtual world. My project makes this virtual world a true and possible way to get rid of their fear of starting communication. I absolutely do not want to speak negatively about the Internet, because it gives some positive emotions and saves important moments of life, and then reminds us of them, I mean Facebook. However, I want to make my contribution to making people better able to cope with the real world and with certain tasks using Internet resources, and I now mean INFI program.

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What is the main competitive advantage of your company and this program?

– There are two features that represent our program:

  1. We make it possible to establish contact through a smartphone for people that do not know each other and have no contact data from each other without the need for direct personal contact. This means that the communication barrier is overcome when you appeal directly to a foreign person.

In addition, we do not allow persecution by direct contact at an inappropriate moment. And yet, here we connect two real people who, for example, could see each other before, but have no contact or do not remember the name of this person.

Or, for example, they want to expand their connections. This is really necessary for businessmen, for their development, this program is also very important for HR specialists, for participants of large events and seminars. For example, if we install our devices with our software at the stadium, this will really help to the security service in solving certain problems, in the case of a conflict or during fi res for evacuation, etc.

  1. We integrate all buildings in this program so that there is internal navigation through one program. In addition, you can move and communicate in one and the same program in all buildings simultaneously. That is all coming from one source. People are somewhat lazy and do not want to launch a new program for the new feature, so our software product is made so that you get all the functions from one source in all buildings and use it at your discretion.
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What do you consider to be your greatest achievement while being the head of a company?

INFI - the next generation of Wi-Fi with new features– I have been in managerial counseling for over 10 years and advised very large companies (in the range of turnover from 4 to 30 billion Euros a year). In this segment, I always take upon myself projects that are very strong in the crisis time, and usually, they were out of the economy. I always brought these projects about success. In my professional life, I became acquainted with the positive and negative features of the new economy and the old economy. In addition, I have developed a concept that guarantees that the company can remain stable in the long run and generate high growth rates. All this in the international arena.

Now, I’m integrating my experience with my company, ensuring that this company will not only succeed but become one of the world’s leading companies and take a steady place in the global economy.

With higher education – an engineer, programmer, and an economist and having 5 children (25 years of age and younger is 2 years of age), I not only see, but I also play games with my children, share their interests and see where we and our kids are going to in the future.

What trends will be there in the business and in the economy, how quickly and dynamically all spheres of our lives develop and what will be the requirements for instrumental management in the future.

I am convinced that this will be possible with the product we create and my competencies. In addition, I work with highly qualified partners who are the best in their areas and who have been selected according to specific criteria to implement this concept at the highest level.

What innovative strategies does your company employ?

– Our strategy includes the certain aim – to involve partners and clients in our growth and success in order to build our company together. We connect all the sides providing an advantageous cooperation. It sets up a system of ideas generation. Germans usually don’t enter the market without an excellent product. In such a way, they lose speed and markets in contrast to other countries. Understanding this idea, we decided to combine a German quality and a dynamics of the Ukrainian market development attracting our future customers to the initial processes of product branding. We’re not afraid of it, because we’ve got the super professional international team sorting out some problems as quickly as possible. Only the constant demand leads to the permanent development. We’re eager to keep pace with the youth, as they really face a bright future ahead of them.

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As I understand you are planning to conduct business in Ukraine. Why?

– Yes, of course, we plan to expand our activities in Ukraine. We appreciate the professionalism of programmers and we are already actively working with them. Ukrainian experts are part of our international team.

We will now open our representation office in Ukraine. In general, we want to start our business in every country in the world. However, we have now set the goal of implementing this project in Ukraine, and there are two reasons for this.

The first is that I personally love Ukraine.

My father is a German, but I was born in Ukraine in Zaporizhzhia. And I have been working with Ukrainians for a long time in the business segment.

Secondly, I met Ukrainians who gladly accompany and support such topics and are open to joint growth. I am glad that the new technologies do not hold back the Ukrainians, but on the contrary, they are welcomed in life and are developed.

What is the main difference between the Ukrainian and German markets?

– In Ukraine, people are more open to new technologies similar to this one. The people of Ukraine are looking into the future and want to develop. People in Ukraine are craving for something new and want to be part of it. So when we created this product, the first thing that came to my mind and it was my desire – to present and implement this project in Ukraine.