The best drag bikes are available on the mass market


Electric cars are often mentioned in the news, even though the drag bikes have been launched into mass production much earlier and are cheaper. Specialists of the Business Insider publishing house claimed responsibility to correct this injustice partially. They prepared a list of drag bikes that are already available on a massive global market. Let’s get acquainted with the presented models in more detail.

Redshift from Alta Motorcycles

Alta Motorcycles Company produces two interesting drag bikes – Redshift SM and Redshift MX.

The first can develop a speed of 130 km / h and costs about 15.5 thousand dollars. On one charge travels up to 80 km.


The second develops speed up to 104 km / h and costs a little less than 15 thousand dollars. One charge allows Redshift MX to travel for about 2 hours.

Empulse from Victory Motorcycles

A speed of a drag bike Empulse TT from Victory Motorcycles company can reach a speed of 180 km / h. When fully charged it can travel 160 km. Cost – 20 thousand dollars.

Zero SR from Zero Motorcycles

The company sells motorcycles Zero SR in two options arrangements. The basic option makes it possible to travel up to 130 km on one charge. When installing additional battery the travel distance increases maximum to 320 km. The first option will cost 11 thousand dollars, and the second – 14 thousand dollars.

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LS 218 from Lightning Motorcycle

The manufacturer of Lightning Motorcycle, which produces drag bikes LS 2018, has registered world speed record by their product. The maximum speed of LS 218 in special circumstances has reached 350 km / h. Cost – 39 thousand dollars.

Ego and Eva from Energica

Italian company Energica is represented by two models of drag bikes on the market.

Motorcycle Ego can travel at a speed of 240 km / h, and one charge travels up to 150 km. For sale for 34 thousand dollars per unit.

Eva is more budget model. After charging it can travel up to 200 km. Price – 27 thousand dollars.

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J1 from Johammer

The company Johammer produces drag bikes J1 which can travel up to 200 km on one charge. For 8 seconds J1 can collect its maximum speed – 100 km / h. This drag bike costs up to 27 thousand dollars per unit.