“Full speed ahead” for Macron


On Sunday, the 11th of June, there was the first round of parliamentary elections in France. According to the results, the party of the current president of France Emmanuel Macron «En Marche!», which if translated into Ukrainian means “forward”, won a landslide victory.

«En Marche!» – this is a new party, which was founded in 2016 by Emmanuel Macron, and combines public figures and various creative people, who follow progressive European ideas and values.

A third of voters voted for the president’s party, which is 32.2% of the citizens of France who took part in the elections. In the second place there is “Republican Party” with the result of 21.5%, and the top three is closed by “National Front” of former pro-Russian candidate for the post of the president of France, Marie Le Pen with a result of around 14%. Overall turnout of voters was record-low as for France, 48.71%.

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After the second round of the elections to the lower house of parliament, which will be held on the 18th of June, presidential party is predicted to have 400 seats in Parliament, taking into account the fact that the total number of deputies is 577.

Thus «En Marche!» will have the largest number of representatives in Parliament for all the time of French post-war history.

Meanwhile along with such trust of the people, great opportunities to introduce new reforms and his election program open in front of the president of France Emmanuel Macron.

In particular, the President identified a priority task – to change the legislation, which regulates the sphere of social benefits in France, arguing that it is too “soft” and encourages unemployed people, who are used to living at the expense of the benefits paid by the citizens that work.

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Already this autumn, on the 24th of September the elections to the Senate (Higher Chamber of Parliament) are expected in France.