Ukraine will introduce biometric control for the foreign citizens who cross the state border


The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine chaired by President Petro Poroshenko is considering the increase of control over the crossing of the state border of Ukraine.

“It goes about the increase of control over the entry and exit of foreign citizens – we introduce biometric control for all citizens who cross the Ukrainian border,” the President informed.

“We must take biometric data, including fingerprints and digital photo. This will increase our capabilities to fight terrorism,” the Head of State said and expressed confidence that the public would support and understand the given decisions.

The President added that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Border Service would provide information on this issue today.

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“We will allocate the necessary amount of time for the country to be prepared well so that law-abiding citizens do not feel any inconveniences,” Petro Poroshenko stated.

According to the President, the State Border Service will receive necessary funds to ensure technical implementation of the given decision.

The Head of State addressed the Minister of the Interior to take the given issue under personal control and provide the necessary equipment to all border-crossing points.