President in a meeting with Ukrainian diplomats: We managed to create a new diplomatic army


At the 13th meeting of the heads of foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine, President Petro Poroshenko congratulated those present on the 27th anniversary of Independence of our country and noted that the Ukrainian state was able to create a new Ukrainian army and a new diplomatic army that defend the country.

According to the Head of State, for those who had an opportunity to see with their own eyes a new Ukrainian army during the military parade on Khreshchatyk – it was something special.

“It was the first time I saw many people crying. Those were tears of pride. Pride for the Ukrainian army, pride for the Ukrainian soldier. Pride for the fact that we managed to create a new Ukrainian army. Just as we managed to create a new diplomatic army together with you,” Petro Poroshenko noted.

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The President noted that on the eve of the current meeting, he was in the Donbas, in Avdiivka together with Ukrainian diplomats, and this was one of the brightest moments of all thirteen meetings of the heads of foreign diplomatic institutions.

“It is true, we were very proud to see our brave Ukrainian warriors marching on Khreshchatyk. I can surely say that you, our diplomatic representatives, are a reliable foothold for them. Just as the Ukrainian army defends the values of Euro-Atlantic integration and unity on the eastern border, Ukrainian diplomats defend justice, freedom, truth in a struggle on the international frontline,” the President emphasized.

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According to the President, the term “hybrid war” has become quite commonplace for all. “I think we need to say more convincingly that this is a humanitarian aggression with an attempt to undermine the country from the inside. This is an economic aggression. I am confident that the reaction of the country and the the world should be appropriate,” Petro Poroshenko said.

According to the Head of State, that is why the visit of the heads of foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine to the frontline was so important. “Your visit was perceived by the Ukrainian military as a manifestation of solidarity,” Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

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According to him, it was equally important that Ukrainian diplomats had an opportunity to speak to generals and ordinary commanders, soldiers about the life in the Donbas. “To see with your own eyes how our fellow citizens live in the frontline zone. Because you arrived for a short time, and imagine that Ukrainians have lived in a wartime for four and a half years already,” the Head of State.

He also noted that the Ukrainian ambassadors had an opportunity to walk the streets, talk with the locals and make sure that these are fantastic people.