Sweden supports reforms in Ukraine and the course on Eurointegration


“Sweden’s support for reforms in Ukraine and the course for integration into the European Union will remain strong”, – stated Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine Martin Hagström during a meeting with Deputy Minister Yehor Bozhok.

Yehor Bozhok expressed gratitude to the Ambassador of Sweden for the essential political support for Ukraine on the international stage and for the Swedish assistance provided for the development of democratic institutions in Ukraine as well as for the social and economic restoration of the territories affected by the Russian aggression.

High dynamics of the Ukrainian-Swedish cooperation, in particular, intensification of interaction in the sphere of defence has been noted during the meeting. Deputy Minister and Ambassador agreed on the importance of developing cooperation in cybersecurity to counter various hybrid threats.

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Sweden remains one of the most vocal advocates of deepening relations with Ukraine within the Eastern Partnership policy of the European Union. In the context of the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership, Deputy Minister emphasized the importance of consistent political support by the EU of the aspirations of partner countries to deepen their integration into the European Union. Yehor Bozhok noted that European and Euro-Atlantic integration remain an imperative of Ukraine’s state policy and is an integral part of the Constitution of Ukraine.