The further development of the EU


The statement made by French President Emmanuel Macron concerning his readiness to present an initiative on reforming the European Union was one of the greatest political statements of the summer, 2017.

After the elections to the Bundestag in neighbouring Germany, the French President will be ready to talk about these initiatives in more detail. According to the Head of the French state, it will refer to the further development of the EU.

Future initiatives will not touch upon the EU treaties and will in no way refer to their revision.

Paris is currently developing real initiatives in about ten diff erent thematic areas. The main goal of these initiatives is to awaken new «ambitions » of the EU residents and transform this inter-state entity into something more attractive – first of all, in the eyes of the Europeans themselves.

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The President of France emphasized that the primary goal of the changes he initiated would be to strengthen the customs and monetary unity of the EU states. Also, the proposed changes will concern the establishment of common defense course, common approach to the issue of refugees and common political platform on energy issues and climate control issues.