Ukraine and Indonesia get closer through flavours and tastes


“The best diplomacy to boost the social-cultural and economic relations is through cuisine as a powerful instrument to promote Indonesia abroad” – President of Indonesia Joko Widodo.

And finally it happened.

Indonesian Cuisine Restaurant 17.804 Indonesian Social Kitchen soon to be open in Kiev. The official opening will be held on 15 April. For the guests, the restaurant will open the door on 16 April.

“This is a story about two guys who worked for Asian restaurants from Jakarta to Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong for a long time and met in Kiev to open an authentic Indonesian restaurant here,” Oleksiy Kykot, the co-owner of 17.804 Indonesian Social Kitchen, says.

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The restaurant chef and co-owner is the Indonesian Eko Koesprananto. His last job is a sous-chef at one of the five-star hotels in Kiev. Mr. Eko had been dreaming about his own Indonesian restaurant in Kiev for many years and finally his dream came true. He wants to introduce Ukrainians with the traditional Indonesian cuisine and culture by creating the authentic atmosphere in the restaurant.

“The number 17.804 means a quantity of islands in Indonesia. One of our menu’s goal is to convey the authentic taste of various islands’ cuisine. Each island has its own history and the influence of different cultures, ” the chef says.

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In particular, the restaurant will offer the traditional Indonesian dishes such as Nasi-Goreng, Mi-Goreng, Gado-Gado and Sate.

“Since we put the “social” word in the title, we must be affordable. The main dishes in our restaurant will cost around 160 UAH” – the owners say.

The restaurant is located at 82, Velyka Vasilkivska Street nearby the Olympiyskyi Sport Complex.

We would be glad to see you at 17.804 Indonesian Social Kitchen on 16 April 2018.

Discover the taste of Indonesia in Ukraine and find one thousand flavors in one place!