Who are we, Ukrainian Ladies? The preparation for the competition Mrs Ukraine International 2018


About the preparation for the competition Mrs Ukraine International 2018, about Ukrainian designers and about herself Olena Kulvanovska talks, a woman with the great heart, mommy of two sons, psychologist-practisian and psychotherapist.

Do we have something special that distinguishes from all other? For me that is kindness, heartfeltness and unbelievable desire to live! We are the women, with large hearts! I am incredibly happy due to a tendency that has turned up for last 5 years – to bear children, 3 or 5, to love and respect a man, meeting him when he had nothing to be called rich, but to become a friend and assistant of him for the whole life, to create friendly families and  in the same to build the career and business! And do it all for 100%. To have time for all and not to complain! To enjoy the every moment of life, to be the queen of beauty and never to brag of these. With such person – with Olena Кulvanovska – the fate itself got me acquainted with. That Olena is beautiful, it is indisputably. But her soul is yet more beautiful of appearance! A woman, that outlived a frightful accident after which she was said – you will not rise, you will lie – and it was said to the 18-years-old girl. And she rose, as a miracle! The parents of her boyfriend said to her – you do not need us, and he does not need you, because you are from poor family and from a little city. She got studies to become a psychologist in Kyiv, combining working as a waitress, then as a manager, and in the morning hurried to the lectures. Now she has the private practice and many happy women that she helped. Two children and beloved husband, whom she is proud of incredibly and it is heard in every her word – I love you – it is said simply during the working day, in the morning and in the evening.  And yet Ukrainian Ladies have the special style. We do not walk any more in the fields in bordering folk cloths, with chaplets in hair and do not collect the harvest. Style of Ukrainian Ladies is   dynamic and womanlike one! The favorite dresses suit the body, often with bright colors and with some interesting peculiarity.  When it comes about the shoes – the heel is in trend because it is beautiful. When, we began preparation with Olena to the competition Mrs Ukrainian International 2018, I got the marvelous idea to show the real Ukrainian designers. Olena Boorba, Dima Domanoff and Ivanka Budnyk – each of them is unique. Olena does very womanlike and beautiful dresses. Getting to her show-room, every lady wants to become a girl! The air-like, brilliant and  lightweight  kilometers of fabric create an unbelievable and festive mood!

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Dima Domanoff – Dima creates the strict line of the natural fabric!

The lady becomes a dynamic one – a self-considered, in the cloths that suits her perfectly, with the provocative slogans on the belt-strips. The sexual business – style is an incredibly beautiful one!

Ivanka Budnyk creates the unique cloths with the Ukrainian goddesses at the T-shirts and skirts under the Zelo brand. There is a lot of hand-made bordering, connected with modern trends. These are the cloths with the Ukrainian soul. We have gathered all these ones at the Mrs Ukraine International 2018.

I am very proud of being Ukrainian, of having such designers that are not worse than the European and American ones, of having such women that should be talked about and of having the real female beauty – that should be shown!